Sunday, October 3, 2010

Raising Money by Raising Hell

It’s true that sometimes you have to stir the pot up in order to make things happen. What’s not a good fundraiser without a little friendly competition? Sometimes in order to raise money, you have to raise some hell to get what you want. Humans are naturally competitive by nature so what better way to get those fundraising juices flowing by setting up team events to raise funds. Not only are these events fun to plan and execute but it can also help with the goodwill of the community and bring a community together.

You know in the South, there’s football, religion, and football, its as American as apple pie. When I worked for a blood donation center as a donor recruiter, one of our best events was our Iron Bowl Classic Blood Drive. This was where supporters for University of Alabama and Auburn would compete to see which side could recruit the most blood donations. People were actually excited to donate blood and where their shirt (be it orange or red)! A donor from the winning team would be entered to win tickets to the Iron Bowl Classic so there were definite incentives to give the gift of life.

A few tips in order to plan the perfect competitive event would be to figure out a theme or a cause to rally people together. Make sure its something where you can compel people to join in on the cause. It also helps when there is a goal for your group to achieve and there’s an end in mind. Also have a prize, even its something as basic as a team trophy to allow for bragging rights. That way, the prize can be a motivator for your team members even when you’re not there. Sometimes, you will be surprised what can motivate people to work harder for your fundraiser. So just remember that when planning your event, if you can rally people to donate blood to win tickets to a football game, you can surely raise money the same road.

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