Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Top 10 BlogTalk Radio Shows that Motivate Me.

Hello again, this will be a double-hitter of sorts. I admit that I fell off of the wagon and my last post was January 10, so I am saddened that I didn't follow my goal for this year. However, just as child falling off the bike, you only can ride off into the sunset if you get back on and continue to pedal forward!

Therefore, some brief updates on how this business pregnancy is going since this would be considered my first trimester. Things have slowed down tremendously in that endeavor, the morning sickness of actually thinking about what path I've decided to travel has subsided, and I'm even taking this to meditation and prayer to make sure that the steps of my path are ordered. So... we keep pushing along, the ideas of this business embryo continue to grow, its being nourished through research and gathering my team. So things are moving along, but now its time to finish the stage of research and begin implementation.

With all that being said, I would like to say that it takes motivation, even from people who have no clue that you exist to help keep me going. Thus, the reason for this post, "Top 10 BlogtTalk Radio Shows that Motivate Me". If you haven't had an opportunity to peruse or browse BlogTalk Radio, you are missing a treat. I'm 100% sure that there's at least one show that everyone can find interesting and listen to. For me, I've found about 15-20 shows that I keep in my regular rotation.

But with the Generation Y and those with short attention spans (like myself), I decided to narrow it down to the following shows that discuss business and entrepreneurship (in no particular order). Check out you won't be disappointed and feel free to do a search on the website for keywords and subjects that interest you.

1. Karen Taylor Bass- Mocha Mommies
2. Melissa Dawn Johnson- Brand Me Live
3. The Delicious Life/ Catriceology
4. Wealthy Sistas- Deborah Hardnett
5 and 6. Pam Perry (she has Chocolate Pages and PR with Pam Perry)
7. The Career Engineer
8. The Marketing Lady
9. Darnyelle Jervey
10. Your15Minutes (all 1 word)

I also have a couple of honorable mentions: Small Biz Lady; Real Women, Real Life; Buzz Talk with Lady O; and Inspirasoul. So definitely take a look at any of these wonderful ladies or find an interest of your own. Its a great tool to keep you and those around you motivated and to stay on that bicycle.

Until next time- we will continue with our motivational corner, tips on event planning, and the talk of the new business venture.