Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Going your way
How do you get the things in your life going your way? Take responsibility for making them go your way.
How do you make sure the day is filled with what you prefer to be doing? Be the person who fills it.
How do you get the most value and fulfillment from your precious time? Use that time to take meaningful, value-producing action.
Do what it takes to take the initiative. Now is when you can decide how your life is going to be and do the work to make it so.
Make tomorrow a great day by preparing for it today. Instead of complaining about how things turn out, do the work that will determine how they turn out.
What would your life look like if it looked exactly the way you wish? Take control, take the initiative, and you can make it so.
— Ralph Marston
What are you doing today to ensure that today and better yet tomorrow will go your way? Take a few minutes to reflect on this notion and if you're willing to seek guidance, send me an inbox message and let's chat about it.