Thursday, December 22, 2011

Skating into 2012- my rollerskating story

Well, I will try this again since my previous post didn't work and I didn't save my work, which I normally do- perhaps you all didn't need to read that.

On Tuesday, my husband and I went roller skating, which was the first time for me in a long, long time (we're talking 15 years or more) I've been in a set of skates. So it was definitely a learning experience and I did observe some things as I rested and watched the children skate and how this relates to everyday life.

I equate the analogy of skating through life and there are four types of skaters: the slow, cautious skaters; the fast and furious skaters; the used to be skaters; and the beginner skaters. I will briefly describe each and just think about which category you fall in.

1. The slow and cautious skaters normally stay on the outside of the skating ring, they don't want to fall and the avoid those that do fall at any cost. They avoid any and everything that would present eminent danger to them and seldom get anything done. Often they don't like taking risks such as learning to go in circles, skating backwards, and they're very comfortable in keeping their pace.

2. The fast and furious skaters are just the opposite of the first set. They love to go fast and will run over or push you if you're moving too slow for them. Sometimes they feel as if they know everything and don't take advice well when others pass it to them. Often when they fall, they fall hard and everyone knows about it because they're often in the middle of doing their signature trick or in a race and fall. They often have a hard time getting up again because their ego and pride are hurt and they feel humiliated.

3. There are those that may have skated fast and furious in their day, but they've been out of the ring for a number of years. The beauty about this group is they may be slow and cautious at first, but once they get back into the swing of things, they sometimes can teach group #2 a few tricks. There is a learning curve there, but its like riding a bicycle, once you learn, you never forget.

4. Finally, its the best group of all, which are the beginners. I call them the shuffle skaters, they often kind of go forward and backwards at the same time, often not making a lot of progress. The beauty of these individuals is that when they fall, they often get up, dust themselves off and keep shuffling. Eventually they will get it and begin glide and roll with the best of them.

As I think about all four of these individuals we all at one point and time started out as the beginner skaters. As we roll into 2012, we need to think about where we are and where we want to go in the next 365 days or so. It's a wonderful time to reflect and observe those around us and see where they are as well.

We should think in a manner in which we're at the beginning stages again because it is there one can change their direction and open themselves to learn something new. If you fall, you dust yourself off, learn from your mistakes and continue to move forward. But no matter what, you have to continue that forward movement so that you can build momentum. So let's take this time to start the reset button and begin to skate again!