Sunday, September 5, 2010

Are you changing the game or are you allowing the game to change you?

This is a very special blog that is near and dear to my heart. I haven’t blogged in well over a year and in the year of 2010- the year of reinvention and change, I felt it best to return with a bang. I want to take a few moments to thank Melissa Dawn Johnson, my mentor from afar, and a person that I think has one of the strongest brands and businesses in the game. On her show on Blog Talk Radio entitled, Make it Happen with Melissa Dawn Johnson, her show this week was called “Get in the Game.” Recently, I’ve dealt with a lot of setbacks and things that normally would take people out of the game and would tell the world a hearty “F You!”, but I chose to take the higher road, fix my face, or rather pick my face up from the floor and move on to the next one. So I had to go back and remember who I am, what I’ve gone through, and what I came here to do, in other words, I had to regain my focus.

Therefore, I am in the process of rebranding myself, my corporate strategy and my life, so changing the game or at least being part of changing the game is my overall strategy for success. So this is my inspirational piece, not only for you, but for me as well. Since my last piece, “What’s in a name?” a lot has changed and a lot of growth has taken place. So in a personal effort to move with lightening speed past the haters and those who seem to be destined for looserville, I want to leave you with a few thoughts. I’m making a personal promise to begin blogging more often, I have a lot of thoughts, many of them are already written, I just need to post them- so here we go.

Have you ever been a part of the crowd and feel as if you are being swept in the latest trend or the current because of the crowd (also known as groupthink)? Has that current ever taken you over the edge and you feel as if you’re beginning to drown? Do you ever feel that you’re not reaching your full potential due to outside influences? Or do you feel exactly the opposite, where you feel like you’re an individual who is a trailblazer and a trendsetter? If you’ve ever felt either of these emotions, you are either changing the game or you’re allowing the game to change you.

So ask yourself, am I changing the game, or am I allowing the game to change me? I had to ask myself that question this week with some of the interactions that have been transpiring at work as well as in organizations that I volunteer with on a regular basis. After being talked about, lied to, lied about, yelled at, screamed at, and just overall ostracized, I noticed my attitude and demeanor take an enormous shift to the right. I began to notice that my outlook on life and on people in general turned very negative and cold and I had to take a moment to self-reflect and say, am I a game changer or am I allowing the game to change me? At that time, I admit that I was allowing the game to change me.

I was allowing the games of corporate America, the games women play, and the games of jealous hearted and envious individuals affect my personal thoughts and beliefs and these thoughts began to consume so much of my time. I found myself entering a light depression and not becoming as productive as I once was.

I always considered myself a game changer by being innovative (notice I threw that in there), along with setting the trends for others to follow. I had to take back the creative control and power and enter back into the zone where I became laser-beam focused. I had to remember that consistence and persistence wins the race and to be a leader, sometimes you have to be a good follower as well. I also had to regain my self-respect and dignity to remember that no matter what title a person has or the power they perceive to have, to remember that we are all individuals (hopefully professionals) and respect is due when it is given. And finally, and most importantly, I had to remember- hey they talked about Jesus, so what do you think they’re going to say about you?

So take a few seconds to complete your self-evaluation and figure out, am I changing the game or am I allowing the game to change me? Just a tip, if you have the opportunity, please begin to listen to Blog Talk Radio, there are some excellent shows and they’re free. If you feel inspired and motivated to do so, you can start your own show. I will blog in the near future some of my favorite inspirational shows on Blog Talk Radio as well so that you can be moved to action and to aspire for the greatness you deserve.

This is all for our motivational corner, I hope this provides you some tools you can use. For more tips, stay tuned next week (and I promise it will be next week) as we provide other tips on how to save your event and your sanity. If you are looking for an event planner to assist you in creating an awesome event, please visit our website at Please stay tuned, I am regaining my will to be focused and plan on re-launching our website in an effort to create a stronger brand!!